Football 7-a-side at the Summer Paralympics

Football 7-a-side at the Summer Paralympics
Events 1 (men)

Football 7-a-side has been contested at every Summer Paralympics between 1984 and 2016. At the 1984 Summer Paralympics, two events were held—one for men with wheelchairs and one for men standing. Every Summer Paralympics since then has consisted of only a standing men's team event; women have never competed.[1]

Men's wheelchair medalists

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1984  United States (USA)  Canada (CAN)  Great Britain (GBR)

Men's standing medalists

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1984  Belgium (BEL)  Ireland (IRL)  Great Britain (GBR)
1988  Netherlands (NED)  Belgium (BEL)  Ireland (IRL)
1992  Netherlands (NED)  Portugal (POR)  Ireland (IRL)
1996  Netherlands (NED)  Russia (RUS)  Spain (ESP)
2000  Russia (RUS)  Ukraine (UKR)  Brazil (BRA)
2004  Ukraine (UKR)  Brazil (BRA)  Russia (RUS)
2008  Ukraine (UKR)  Russia (RUS)  Iran (IRI)
2012  Russia (RUS)  Ukraine (UKR)  Iran (IRI)
2016  Ukraine (UKR)  Iran (IRI)  Brazil (BRA)

Medal table

1 Ukraine3205
2 Netherlands3003
3 Russia2215
4 Belgium1102
5 Brazil0123
8 Canada0101
10 Great Britain0022
11 Spain0011
Totals (11 nations)9101029

Participating nations

- : denotes nation that did not take part in that year.

X : denotes nation that did not advance into the final rounds.

CP / Wheel
 Belgium1st, gold medalist(s) / -2nd, silver medalist(s)X------3
 Brazil--XX3rd, bronze medalist(s)2nd, silver medalist(s)443rd, bronze medalist(s)7
 CanadaX / 2nd, silver medalist(s)--------1
 Great Britain3rd, bronze medalist(s) / 3rd, bronze medalist(s)-4---7755
 Iran-----53rd, bronze medalist(s)3rd, bronze medalist(s)2nd, silver medalist(s)4
 Ireland2nd, silver medalist(s) / -3rd, bronze medalist(s)3rd, bronze medalist(s)X-76-87
 Netherlands-1st, gold medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)X65548
 Portugal4 / --2nd, silver medalist(s)X4----4
 Russia---2nd, silver medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)3rd, bronze medalist(s)2nd, silver medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)-5
 South Korea-X-------1
 Spain--X3rd, bronze medalist(s)X----3
 Ukraine----2nd, silver medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)2nd, silver medalist(s)1st, gold medalist(s)5
 United StatesX / 1st, gold medalist(s)-X4-8-876

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