World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

The Artistic Gymnastics World Championships[1][2] are the world championships for artistic gymnastics governed by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG). The first edition of the championship was held in 1903, exclusively for male gymnasts. Since the tenth edition of the tournament, in 1934, women's events are held together with men's events. As of 2017, over sixty different editions of the championships have been staged, and over forty different countries have earned medals in both men's and women's artistic gymnastics events. The most successful nation, both in gold medal results and total number of medals, is Soviet Union. China is the second most successful country in total medals earned, and Japan is the third most successful nation at the championships. Russia, Romania, and the United States are also usually among the most dominant nations, especially in women's artistic gymnastics events. Currently, the championship is held annually on non-Olympic years.

Championship details

Year Edition Host City Country Events
First in the Medal Table Second in the Medal Table Third in the Medal Table
1903IAntwerp Belgium6 / 0 France Luxembourg Netherlands
1905IIBordeaux France5 / 0 France Netherlands Belgium
1907IIIPrague Austria-Hungary5 / 0 Bohemia France Belgium
1909IVLuxembourg Luxembourg5 / 0 France Italy Bohemia
1911VTurin Italy6 / 0 Bohemia Italy France
1913VIParis France6 / 0 Italy France Bohemia
1922VIILjubljana Yugoslavia6 / 0 Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia France
1926VIIILyon France6 / 0 Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia France
1930IXLuxembourg Luxembourg7 / 0 Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Hungary
1934XBudapest Hungary8 / 2  Switzerland Czechoslovakia Germany
1938XIPrague Czechoslovakia8 / 6 Czechoslovakia  Switzerland Yugoslavia
1950XIIBasel  Switzerland8 / 6  Switzerland Poland Sweden
1954XIIIRome Italy8 / 6 Soviet Union Japan Czechoslovakia
1958XIVMoscow Soviet Union8 / 6 Soviet Union Japan Czechoslovakia
1962XVPrague Czechoslovakia8 / 6 Soviet Union Japan Czechoslovakia
1966XVIDortmund West Germany8 / 6 Soviet Union Japan Czechoslovakia
1970XVIILjubljana SFR Yugoslavia8 / 6 Japan Soviet Union East Germany
1974XVIIIVarna Bulgaria8 / 6 Soviet Union Japan East Germany
1978XIXStrasbourg France8 / 6 Soviet Union Japan United States
1979XXFort Worth United States8 / 6 Soviet Union United States Romania
1981XXIMoscow Soviet Union8 / 6 Soviet Union East Germany China
1983XXIIBudapest Hungary8 / 6 Soviet Union China Romania
1985XXIIIMontreal Canada8 / 6 Soviet Union China East Germany
1987XXIVRotterdam Netherlands8 / 6 Soviet Union Romania China
1989XXVStuttgart West Germany8 / 6 Soviet Union Romania China
1991XXVIIndianapolis United States8 / 6 Soviet Union China Romania
1992XXVIIParis France6 / 4 CIS China United States
1993XXVIIIBirmingham Great Britain7 / 5 Belarus United States Romania
1994XXIXBrisbane Australia7 / 5 Belarus Romania China
 United States
1994XXXDortmund Germany1 / 1 China
N/A Russia
1995XXXISabae Japan8 / 6 China Ukraine Romania
1996XXXIISan Juan Puerto Rico6 / 4 Russia Romania Belarus
1997XXXIIILausanne  Switzerland8 / 6 Romania Russia China
1999XXXIVTianjin China8 / 6 Russia China Romania
2001XXXVGhent Belgium8 / 6 Romania Russia Bulgaria
2002XXXVIDebrecen Hungary6 / 4 Romania China United States
2003XXXVIIAnaheim United States8 / 6 China United States Japan
2005XXXVIIIMelbourne Australia7 / 5 United States China Slovenia
2006XXXIXAarhus Denmark8 / 6 China Romania Australia
2007XLStuttgart Germany8 / 6 China United States Germany
2009XLILondon Great Britain7 / 5 China United States Romania
2010XLIIRotterdam Netherlands8 / 6 China Russia United States
2011XLIIITokyo Japan8 / 6 China United States Russia
2013XLIVAntwerp Belgium7 / 5 Japan United States China
2014XLVNanning China8 / 6 United States China North Korea
2015XLVIGlasgow Great Britain8 / 6 United States Japan Russia
2017XLVIIMontreal Canada7 / 5 China Japan Russia
2018XLVIIIDoha Qatar8 / 6Future event
2019XLIXStuttgart Germany8 / 6Future event
2021LCopenhagen Denmark7 / 5Future event
2022LILiverpool Great Britain8 / 6Future event

In 1931, an unofficial edition of the World Championships took place in Paris, France, with the participation of 10 different national federations.[3]

All-time medal count

Last updated after the 2017 World Championships.[4][5][6]

Men's events

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Soviet Union614631138
2 China593026115
3 Japan464554145
4 France25291973
5  Switzerland19151448
6 Czechoslovakia18161448
7 Yugoslavia179834
8 Italy1372141
9 Romania129526
10 Belarus1271130
11 Bohemia [a]1081028
12 Hungary910524
13 Russia8171136
14 United States8101230
15 East Germany661426
16 South Korea62311
17 Greece62210
18 Germany581225
19 CIS [c]52310
20 North Korea5027
21 Ukraine47920
22 Bulgaria461121
23 Netherlands45211
24 Slovenia3407
25Brazil Brazil3328
26 Great Britain29415
27 Finland2518
 West Germany2518
29 Spain2316
30 Australia1225
32 Croatia1113
33 Luxembourg1045
34 Kazakhstan1001
35 Belgium0448
36 Canada0347
37 Cuba0224
38 Latvia0213
39 Israel0123
40 Austria-Hungary [b]0112
41 Chinese Taipei0101
43 Armenia0011
 Puerto Rico0011
Unattached athlete (UNA) [d]0011

Women's events

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Soviet Union504028118
2 United States41332397
3 Romania363637109
4 Russia23202063
5 China19201554
6 Czechoslovakia1613635
7 East Germany1171533
8 Poland40711
9 Ukraine34512
10 Sweden3115
11 Great Britain3047
12 Hungary25310
13 North Korea2316
14 Japan22812
15 Belarus2002
16 Italy1258
17 Australia1225
19 Germany1135
20Brazil Brazil1124
21 Austria1113
22 Bulgaria1023
23 Spain1012
24 Netherlands0314
25 Yugoslavia0202
26 France0156
27 CIS [c]0123
28 Canada0112
30 Belgium0011


1 Soviet Union1118659256
2 China785041169
3 United States494335127
4 Japan484762157
5 Romania484542135
6 Czechoslovakia34292083
7 Russia31373199
8 France25302479
9  Switzerland19161550
10 East Germany17132959
11 Yugoslavia1711836
12 Italy1492649
13 Belarus1471132
14 Hungary1115834
15 Bohemia [a]1081028
16 Ukraine7111432
17 North Korea73313
18 Germany691530
19 South Korea62311
20 Greece62210
21 Great Britain59822
22 Bulgaria561324
23 CIS [c]53513
24 Poland52916
25 Netherlands48315
26 Brazil44412
27 Slovenia3407
28 Spain3328
29 Sweden3126
30 Finland2518
 West Germany2518
32 Australia24410
33 Uzbekistan1236
34 Austria1113
36 Luxembourg1045
37 Kazakhstan1001
38 Belgium0459
40 Cuba0235
41 Latvia0213
42 Israel0123
43 Austria-Hungary [b]0112
44 Chinese Taipei0101
46 Armenia0011
 Puerto Rico0011
Unattached athlete (UNA) [d]0011
Totals (50 nations)6065475411694

Multiple gold medalists

Boldface denotes active artistic gymnasts and highest medal count among all artistic gymnasts (including these who not included in these tables) per type.


All events

Rank Artistic gymnast Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Vitaly Scherbo Soviet Union
2Kōhei Uchimura Japan20092015105419
3Joseph Martinez France19031909101-11
4Yuri Korolyov Soviet Union1981198793113
5Dmitry Bilozerchev Soviet Union1983198784-12
6Li Xiaopeng China1997200582111
7Marian Drăgulescu Romania2001201582-10
8Chen Yibing China200620118--8
9Eizō Kenmotsu Japan1970197975315
10Alexander Dityatin Soviet Union1978198172312
Akinori Nakayama Japan1966197072312

Individual events

Rank Artistic gymnast Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Vitaly Scherbo Soviet Union
2Kōhei Uchimura Japan2009201592415
3Marian Drăgulescu Romania2001201582-10
4Dmitry Bilozerchev Soviet Union1983198773-10
5Joseph Martinez France1903190971-8
6Yuri Korolyov Soviet Union198119876219
7Eugen Mack  Switzerland193419385319
8Marco Torrès France1909191353-8
9Akinori Nakayama Japan1966197052310
Alexei Nemov Russia1995200352310


All events

Rank Artistic gymnast Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Simone Biles United States20132015102214
2Svetlana Khorkina Russia1994200398320
3Larisa Latynina (Diriy) Soviet Union1954196694114
4Gina Gogean Romania1993199792415
5Ludmilla Tourischeva Soviet Union1970197472211
6Daniela Silivaș Romania1985198972110
7Vlasta Děkanová Czechoslovakia19341938 7 *-- 7 *
8Simona Amânar Romania1994199964-10
9Nellie Kim Soviet Union1974197954211
Yelena Shushunova Soviet Union1985198754211

Individual events

Rank Artistic gymnast Country From To Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Svetlana Khorkina Russia1994200395216
2Simone Biles United States2013201582212
3Larisa Latynina Soviet Union1958196263110
4Gina Gogean Romania1993199762412
5Daniela Silivaș Romania198519896-17
6Ludmilla Tourischeva Soviet Union197019745229
7Maxi Gnauck East Germany1979198351-6
Shannon Miller United States1991199451-6
9Vlasta Děkanová Czechoslovakia19341938 5 *-- 5 *
10Yelena Shushunova Soviet Union198519874329

* including one medal which she presumably won in the parallel bars events at the 1938 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia. At this championship, women's individual apparatus medals were awarded for first time, but there is no clear information about list of medal winners nowadays in the apparatus events as non-primary sources conflict each other by giving contradicting information. Almost all sources confirms that Vlasta Děkanová achieved victory in vault and balance beam events while her compatriot Matylda Pálfyová was first in floor exercise, but the fate of gold medals in parallel bars (this event was replaced with uneven bars in the women's program at all subsequent world championships) remains unclear for now - some sources state that Děkanová and Pálfyová shared victory in this event while other state that Pálfyová shared this victory with Polish gymnast Marta Majowska, not Děkanová.

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