World Freshwater Angling Championships

The World Freshwater Angling Championships is a freshwater angling competition. Participating countries fish in teams of six with titles awarded to the team with the highest aggregate weight and for the highest individual weight. Since its inception in 1954, the competition has been staged on rivers, canals and still waters. Currently (2017), the championships have not been held outside Europe. In 1992, Dave Wesson, an Australian, became the only non-European to win the title.[1] For a video history of this major angling event, see External links at the bottom of this page.

Championship results

YearVenueIndividual Championkg/lbsTeam ChampionsPoints
1954West Germany Düsseldorf, West GermanyItaly Vigarani, Italy2.467 kilograms (5.44 lb)England England50
1955England Reading, EnglandFrance Maill, France2.448 kilograms (5.40 lb)Luxembourg Luxembourg69
1956France Paris, FranceFrance Cerfontaine, France1.541 kilograms (3.40 lb)France France39
1957Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Belgrade, YugoslaviaItaly Mandell, Italy8.780 kilograms (19.36 lb)Italy Italy23
1958Belgium Huy, BelgiumBelgium Garroit, Belgium8.780 kilograms (19.36 lb)Belgium Belgium29
1959Switzerland Neuchatel, SwitzerlandFrance Tesse, France6.386 kilograms (14.08 lb)France France71
1960Poland Gdańsk, PolandFrance Tesse, France2.000 kilograms (4.409 lb)Belgium Belgium36
1961East Germany Merseburg, East GermanyFrance Le Gouge, France3.120 kilograms (6.88 lb)East Germany East Germany44
1962Italy Lac de Garde, ItalyItaly Tedesco, Italy3.615 kilograms (7.97 lb)Italy Italy21
1963Luxembourg Wormeldange, LuxembourgEngland Billy Lane, England4.570 kilograms (10.08 lb)France France57
1964Italy Isola dei Pescatori, ItalyFrance Fontanet, France5.395 kilograms (11.89 lb)France France6
1965Romania Galati, RomaniaFrance Tesse, France3.227 kilograms (7.11 lb)Romania Romania22
1966England Martham Ferry, EnglandFrance Guiheneuf, France5.742 kilograms (12.66 lb)France France8
1967Hungary Dunaújváros, HungaryBelgium Isenbaert, Belgium9.880 kilograms (21.78 lb)Belgium Belgium12
1968Republic of Ireland Fermoy, IrelandWest Germany Grebenstein, West Germany3.218 kilograms (7.09 lb)France France18
1969West Germany Bad Oldesloe, West GermanyEngland Robin Harris, England4.462 kilograms (9.84 lb)Netherlands Netherlands17
1970Netherlands Berg, NetherlandsBelgium Van Den Eynde, Belgium4.084 kilograms (9.00 lb)Belgium Belgium8
1971Italy Peschiera del Garda, ItalyItaly Bassi, Italy3.913 kilograms (8.63 lb)Italy Italy6
1972Czechoslovakia Prague, CzechoslovakiaNetherlands Levels, Netherlands9.310 kilograms (20.53 lb)France France12
1973France Chalon-sur-Saône, FranceFrance Michiels, France3.681 kilograms (8.12 lb)Belgium Belgium10
1974Belgium Ghent, BelgiumWest Germany Richter, West Germany5.016 kilograms (11.06 lb)France France18
1975Poland Bydgoszcz, PolandEngland Ian Heaps, England10.234 kilograms (22.56 lb)France France23
1976Bulgaria Varna, BulgariaBulgaria Bassi, Italy8.296 kilograms (18.29 lb)Italy Italy7
1977Luxembourg Ehnen, LuxembourgBelgium Mainil, Belgium3.941 kilograms (8.69 lb)Luxembourg Luxembourg16
1978Austria Vienna, AustriaFrance Fougeat, France1.561 kilograms (3.44 lb)France France14
1979Spain Saragossa, SpainFrance Heulard, France2.155 kilograms (4.75 lb)France France14
1980West Germany Mannheim, West GermanyWest Germany Kremkus, West Germany16.990 kilograms (37.46 lb)West Germany West Germany7
1981England Luddington, EnglandEngland David Thomas, England1.190 kilograms (2.62 lb)France France25
1982Northern Ireland Newry, Northern IrelandEngland Kevin Ashurst, England0.820 kilograms (1.81 lb)Netherlands Netherlands20
1983Netherlands Amersfoort, NetherlandsWest Germany Kremkus, West Germany0.820 kilograms (1.81 lb)Belgium Belgium9
1984Switzerland Yverdon, SwitzerlandRepublic of Ireland Bobby Smithers, Ireland0.820 kilograms (1.81 lb)Luxembourg Luxembourg28
1985Italy Florence, ItalyEngland David Roper, England6.405 kilograms (14.12 lb)England England16
1986France Strasbourg, FranceNetherlands Wever, Netherlands3.940 kilograms (8.69 lb)Italy Italy27
1987Portugal Coimbra, PortugalWales Clive Branson, Wales2.500 kilograms (5.51 lb)England England9
1988Belgium Damme, BelgiumFrance Fougeat, France7.060 kilograms (15.56 lb)England England50
1989Bulgaria Plovdiv, BulgariaEngland Tom Pickering, England15.450 kilograms (34.06 lb)Wales Wales48
1990Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Maribor, YugoslaviaEngland Bob Nudd, England2.665 kilograms (5.88 lb)France France6
1991Hungary Szeged, HungaryEngland Bob Nudd, England12.215 kilograms (26.93 lb)England England44
1992Northern Ireland Enniskillen, Northern IrelandAustralia Dave Wesson, Australia8.820 kilograms (19.44 lb)Italy Italy94
1993Portugal Coruche, PortugalPortugal Barros, Portugal6.945 kilograms (15.31 lb)Italy Italy49
1994England Nottingham, EnglandEngland Bob Nudd, England8.500 kilograms (18.74 lb)England England92
1995FinlandLappeenranta, FinlandFrance Jean, France6.405 kilograms (14.12 lb)France France23
1996Italy Peschiera del Garda, ItalyEngland Alan Scotthorne, England3.940 kilograms (8.69 lb)Italy Italy36
1997Hungary Velence, HungaryEngland Alan Scotthorne, England19.711 kilograms (43.46 lb)Italy Italy56.5
1998Croatia Zagreb, CroatiaEngland Alan Scotthorne, England9.726 kilograms (21.44 lb)England England61
1999Spain Toledo, SpainEngland Bob Nudd, England54.110 kilograms (119.29 lb)Spain Spain34
2000Italy Firenze, ItalyItaly Falsini, Italy?Italy Italy37
2001France Paris, FranceItaly Ballabeni, Italy?England England68
2002Portugal Coimbra, PortugalSpain Blasco, Spain?Spain Spain52.5
2003Slovakia Madunice, SlovakiaEngland Alan Scotthorne, England?Hungary Hungary55
2004Belgium Willebroek, BelgiumHungary Walter, Hungary?France France70
2005Finland ?, FinlandBelgium Guido Nullens, Belgium?England England64
2006Portugal Rio Mondego, PortugalHungary Tamas Walter, Hungary10.105 kilograms (22.28 lb)England England61
2007Hungary Lake Velence, HungaryEngland Alan Scotthorne, England10.170kg [2]Italy Italy57 [2]
2008Italy Spinadesco Canal, ItalyEngland Will Raison, England?England England74
2009Netherlands Lage Vaart Canal, NetherlandsRussia Igor Potapov, Russia?Slovakia Slovakia39
2010Spain Ciudad Real, SpainLuxembourg Meis Frank, Luxembourg?England England40
2011Italy Ostellato Ferrara, ItalyItaly Andrea Fini, Italy?Italy Italy21
2012Czech Republic River Morava, Czech RepublicEngland Sean Ashby, England11.438 kg [3]Poland Poland32 [3]
2013Poland Żerański Canal, Warsaw, PolandFrance Didier Delannoy, France?England England22 [4]
2014Croatia Dubrava Canal, CroatiaSerbia Goran Radovic, Serbia?Netherlands Netherlands38 [5]
2015Slovenia Sava River, SloveniaRussia Yuri Siptov, Russia36.939 kgItaly Italy37 [1]
2016Bulgaria Rowing Course, Plovdiv, BulgariaSlovenia Jernej Ambrozic, Slovenia[6]-Hungary Hungary34 [7][8]
2017Belgium Ronquières, BelgiumBelgium Luc Thijs, Belgium[9]17 kg [10]Belgium Belgium18 [11]
2018Portugal Montemor-o-Velho, PortugalGermany Johanne Böhms, Germany[12]13.48 kgGermany Germany46 [13]

Championship records

Team competition Roll of Honour : France France 15, England England 13, Italy Italy 13, Belgium Belgium 7, Netherlands Netherlands 3, Luxembourg Luxemburg 3, Germany Germany 3, Spain Spain 2, Hungary Hungary 2, Wales Wales 1, Poland Poland 1, Romania Romania 1, Slovakia Slovakia 1
Individual multiple Champions : England Alan Scotthorne 5, England Bob Nudd 4, France Tesse 3, France Fougeat 2, West Germany Kremkus 2, Italy Bassi 2, Hungary Tamas Walter 2


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